Boston Terrier House Training

How to House Train Your Boston Terrier


Getting the dog housebroken is one of the most challenging tasks a family faces when a brand-new Boston Terrier puppy arrives at their home. This means that the Boston Terriers won’t use your home and its furnishings as a potty and will instead use the restroom outside. Many people believe that toilet training a Boston Terrier is a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. You will be well on your way to having a dog that uses the bathroom where you expect him to if you arm yourself with plenty of knowledge about the best ways to housebreak your Boston Terrier.

Tips for Potty Training: When to House Train a Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier can be trained to use the toilet at any age, but eight to twelve weeks of age is the ideal time to start. Your Boston Terrier puppy will quickly learn the proper location to relieve himself if you set a housebreaking routine as soon as you bring him home. When toilet training a Boston Terrier puppy, a dog crate comes in very handy. When there is no guidance, it keeps him confined, and most Boston Terriers quickly learn that if they enter their cage, they will be made to stay there. The majority of Boston Terriers kept as pets are fairly hygienic and won’t tolerate sitting in dog poop or urine.

The Benefits of Using a Crate When Toilet Training Your Boston Terrier

Make sure your Boston Terrier puppy has enough space in the crate to turn around, but don’t give him enough space to go and lie down far from it. Many Boston Terrier owners think of their dog’s crate as a prison or a time for punishment, but your Boston Terrier will appreciate having his own space to relax in and get away from the noise and bustle of the home. Don’t use your Boston Terrier’s crate as a place of punishment; instead, make it a fun retreat. You can give your Boston Terrier food in the cage or give him treats while he’s inside. He will have a cozy den to retreat to whenever he feels the need if you place a favorite chewy or toy in there with him and add blankets. Your Boston Terrier can be kept out of trouble by using a cage, and not just for housebreaking.

Keep Your Eyes Open When House-Training Your Boston Terrier

A key rule for successfully housebreaking your Boston Terrier puppy is to keep a close eye on him. Take him outside to the place you want him to go as soon as you notice him sniffing, circling, or starting to squat. Then, wait to see if he uses it. If he does, give him lots of praise. To help your Boston Terrier puppy understand what you need him to do, it’s a good idea to give him a hint, like “rush.” Repeat the hint while he uses the bathroom, and then show your Boston Terrier lots of appreciation for a job well done. Instead of taking a chance on an accident, it is preferable to take the Boston Terrier out and have nothing happen.

Have a schedule when potty training your Boston Terrier.

Regularly feeding, watering, and walking your Boston Terrier will make housebreaking easier. Puppies are similar to children in that they thrive on routine. To help your dog adjust to their physical needs, try to walk your dog at roughly the same time every day. Take the Boston terrier puppy out of the cage first thing in the morning, making sure his feet don’t touch the ground. Bring him to the location you want him to go, drop the hint, and cheer when the elimination is successful. Take your Boston Terrier puppy outside at least once every two hours, especially after playing and right after eating or drinking. Your Boston terrier puppy will soon alert you when it’s time for him to go outside and relieve himself.

Do Not Allow the Puppy to Run

Allowing your Boston Terrier puppy to wander around the house will inevitably result in accidents. Confining the Boston Terrier to specific areas of your home can make housetraining much easier for everyone, whether you decide not to use a cage or even if you do. When a Boston Terrier puppy has the run of your home, it can be difficult to keep track of him, but if you gate him in the kitchen, he will still be able to participate in the action and could be much better supervised in case of an accident.

Don’t lose heart while house-training your Boston terrier.

When you first start housebreaking your Boston Terrier puppy, there may be times when you feel they’re just not getting it. He might occasionally cause accidents in your house as well. No need to feel depressed. Your Boston Terrier puppy will be housebroken in no time if you stay true to your routine, keep a close eye on the dog, and take frequent breaks to use his outside bathroom. Another smart idea is to always take him out through the same door so that when he needs to go, he will scratch the door to be let out. Once this happens, you can rejoice in the knowledge that your Boston Terrier puppy is finally starting to understand that using the bathroom inside your home is not acceptable.


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