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Adrienne Farricelli reviews

Brain Training For Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli

Who is Adrienne Farricelli? Adrienne Farricelli has been working professionally with dogs for over a decade. She is a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. Her articles on dogs’ behavior have been published in numerous publications. She is also a certified puppy kindergarten teacher. In addition to writing articles for magazines and books, she has…

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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Dog to Pay Attention

Do you find yourself trying hopelessly to get your dog’s attention? Does “in one ear and out the other” sound familiar? Or does your dog find it easy to listen to you until he sees the dreaded mail carrier? Whatever the case, it’s important that us owners are able to capture and hold our dog’s…

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The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Raise your hand if your dog has ever pestered you, following you from room to room with a bored face? If so, rest assured, you are not alone! Boredom and pent-up energy are the most common reasons dogs develop behavioral problems. Most dogs living in urban settings spend a good chunk of their time alone,…

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