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Should I Carry My Puppy Out To Pee?

When it comes to outdoor potty breaks, should you bring your furry friend with you? According to some experts, yes – and here’s why. The debate over whether or not to bring dogs on potty breaks has been raging on for years now. Some people believe that taking your dog out for a quick pee…

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Potty Training Puppy Without Crate

Can a puppy be raised without a crate? With or Without a Cat, Raising a Puppy Let me be clear up front: I am not against crates and do not think they are terrible. In actuality, my Rottweiler still uses the house-raised crate that she was raised in. She occasionally uses it for naps. However,…

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Potty Training Without A Crate

How to Housebreak a Puppy Without a Crate The crate has evolved into a symbol for someone’s unwillingness to put forth any effort with their pup. The same thing happens so frequently. The reality of the REAL work and effort needed to raise a healthy, happy, and stable dog sets in after the novelty and…

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How To Potty Train A Havanese Puppy

Can you potty train a Havanese? Havanese dogs are toy dogs, and if you know anything about toy dogs, you know that they typically have a reputation for being independent little beings who don’t take to training very well. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though, and any dog can be challenging to train if the…

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Puppy Potty Training Classes Near Me: How To Quickly Potty Train A Puppy

The newest dog in my home is being trained to use the bathroom outside. I have successfully potty trained about 50 dogs in my home, including the ones I have owned, rescued dogs, and clients’ dogs. To speed up the process, I made a lot of notes. Pick a spot. If you want to potty…

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Potty Training A Lab Puppy: A Quick Guide

Potty Training a Lab Puppy A lab puppy captures your heart. Now you’re taking that fun-filled furry ball home. Toys, a collar, a leash, feeding bowls, and a crate are all ready and waiting. You have the essential puppy supplies ready, but what about housebreaking? We’ve created this manual to take the mystery surrounding potty…

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Boston Terrier House Training

How to House Train Your Boston Terrier Getting the dog housebroken is one of the most challenging tasks a family faces when a brand-new Boston Terrier puppy arrives at their home. This means that the Boston Terriers won’t use your home and its furnishings as a potty and will instead use the restroom outside. Many…

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Potty Training A Pug Puppy

How To Potty Train A Pug Using The Most Effective Technique Getting a new puppy for the family can be an exciting experience. However, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll be litter box training or potty training your pug outside with this new addition to the family. Learn how to potty train a pug with…

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Puppy Regressed Potty Training

Regression in Canine Potty Training Few things are more aggravating than discovering that your dog has had an accident in the house. This could be a one-time occurrence for many dogs. Maybe they’re sick, or they haven’t taken a potty break for too long. However, some dogs develop a condition known as “potty training regression,”…

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House Training German Shepherd Puppy

A German Shepherd Puppy’s House Training Tips Do you want to know how to house train a German Shepherd puppy? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for training strategies. I’ve got ten easy-to-follow tips that will have your German Shepherd pooch potty trained in no time. German Shepard Puppy House Training What…

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