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Best Toys for Hyper Dogs: The 12 Best Hyperactive Dog Toys

Some dogs have an endless supply of energy. They can’t seem to sit still and run, jump, and bark. Their zeal is endearing, but it can also be exhausting. What should a puppy parent do? Fortunately, there are great toys suitable for hyperactive dogs. These toys keep a hyper puppy’s mind and body busy, which…

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Best Toys For Dogs Who Are Bored: The 12 Best Boredom-Dog Toys

When you’re a first-time dog owner, you quickly discover that there’s a lot more to pet care than meets the eye. Beyond dog training, feeding, walks, and vet visits, there’s a lot more responsibility. Furthermore, dogs become bored. And when they become bored, they exhibit some very undesirable behaviors as a result of their frustration.…

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