Dog Obedience Training For Beginners: A Simple and Quick Way to Train Your Dog


Dog Obedience: A Simple and Quick Way to Teach Your Dog to Wait!

How many times have you tried to teach your dog or puppy to wait, only to discover that they don’t want to?

Because most dogs are easily distracted, training your dog to WAIT can be a difficult task. Dogs are naturally energetic and oblivious. Because the WAIT command requires inactivity, your dog may struggle to understand it.

It doesn’t take long for a dog to become restless and bored, as we all know! That’s why it’s so difficult to teach the WAIT command! Here’s a quick and easy way to teach your dog to wait:

1. Walk your dog to the front door with a short leash.

When your dog doesn’t listen to the WAIT command at first, a leash will help you keep him under control.

Open just enough doors for you to squeeze through and go outside, leaving your dog inside. Your dog will now be on one side and you on the other, with the leash hanging in the middle.

At first, give your dog the command “SIT.” A dog in a sitting position will stay still a little longer than one who is standing.

2. Gently open the door a little at a time.

Say WAIT while holding up your palm in a STOP position.

If your dog tries to push open the door and rushes toward you, don’t be surprised! Because your dog is unfamiliar with this command, he will most likely try to force his way through the door.

3. As soon as your dog begins to approach you, move the door quickly.

This will bring the dog to a halt.

Now go back to step two. Now keep an eye on your dog. It’s possible that the first time he doesn’t try to rush through the door will only last a split second!

Praise your dog when he finally understands the WAIT command and pauses, then give him a release command (OKAY!) to let him through the door.

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise!

Continue to follow the steps outlined above. Your dog will eventually figure out that if he relaxes and WAITS, you will let him through the front door.

5. Once your dog has mastered the WAIT command while sitting, try teaching him the command while he is standing.

The WAIT command is much more difficult for your dog to master from this position. He’ll want to move around or even sit down.

Maintain a consistent training schedule and practice this routine whenever possible. Make sure to lavish praise and positive reinforcement on your dog. Your dog will soon understand what you want and respond to the WAIT command with ease.

It takes time, patience, and practice to teach your dog to obey the WAIT command. However, the end result will be well worth the effort! You’ll eventually be rewarded with a dog who doesn’t bolt every time you open the door!


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