Gentle Leader Harness Dog: Why Do I Use a Gentle Leader With My Dogs?


While some people will have a variety of ideas for the type of dog collar
they want to use, you will need to decide which one is best for you. I know
for me, the choice was between a harness and a gentle leader. I know that
after trying both types of leads, I prefer the gentle leader, which is why I
prefer to use the gentle leader for my dog’s training.

Now I only use the gentle leader for training purposes, and I make sure to
follow the directions to the letter to avoid injuring my dog. Which you must
do, and you must make sure that this is a recommended lead for your dog’s
breed. Now that I’ve made it clear that you must follow the directions and
that you are aware that you must do so, here’s why I adored my gentle leader
for training purposes.

I liked being able to use this style of lead because it allows you to keep
control of your head. Which, if you’re under the control of your head, means
they’ll pay attention to you. Because, just like people, if you turn your
head, your body will usually follow. This is useful for training purposes
because it ensures that they heel for you and turn in the direction you want
while walking.

If you want to learn even more about the gentle leader, go to gentle leader
versus harness.

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