How To Put On Kong Dog Harness: Best 2022 Guide

What Is the Best Way to Put On a Kong Dog Harness?


How to Put a Kong Harness on Your Dog

It also protects your dog from being injured as a result of pulling, and it makes walking your dog easier by preventing him from fleeing. It spreads the weight evenly over the chest and shoulders instead of putting pressure on the throat like some other harnesses do.

Many dog owners are unsure how to properly fit a Kong dog harness around their dog’s neck. So, in a nutshell, you can do it without a second thought. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

So, why don’t you get started right away? Everything you need to know about putting on a Kong harness will be covered.

What is a Kong Dog Harness, exactly?

Let’s first define what a kharma is before we know how to put one on and off our dogs.

A front-range harness is one that attaches to the dog’s chest and back rather than the dog’s neck, as other collars do. Unlike traditional leashes, which put pressure on the dog’s throat, this type of harness spreads the force of the leash over a larger area.

The main advantages are that it allows for even force distribution and makes walking your dog more enjoyable.

What Is the Best Way to Put On a Kong Dog Harness?

Let’s get started! Let’s look at how to put a Kong Dog Harness on a dog’s neck now that you know what it is.

Step 1: Allow Your Dog to Become Accustomed to Wearing a Harness

It’s never a good idea to force your dog to do something he or she isn’t used to. It’s not a good idea to leave your dog unattended while they’re wearing their new Kong toys. ## Parameters

Step 2: Train your dog to wear a harness.

You can toss it in the air, play tug of war with it with your kids, or simply let your dog sniff it while wearing it. If you make any sudden movements while feeding your dog, he may become overly excited and injure himself. You’re ready to move on to Step 3 once they’ve calmed down.

Step 3: Secure the Dog’s Harness Properly

Put the Kong Dog Harness in its box first, then adjust the three straps.

The dog harness is simple to put on. Follow the following steps:

  1. First, put the looped end of the strap through the buckle on one of your dog’s legs.
  2. Repeat with the opposite leg, passing it through the opposite loop of each side belly strap.

Important information

When doing this step, make sure the padded chest straps aren’t twisted; otherwise, they won’t fit well or be easy to remove later.

  1. Finally, before attaching the leash, pull up the two sides of the harness and put them together near your dog’s chest/under his armpits so that he holds his legs securely in place.
  2. Attach your dog’s favorite leash to the reflective dog harness and start walking him.

It’s important to give yourself some time to adjust to this new way of walking with your dog, so pay attention and get used to it.

The Consequences of Wearing a Kong Harness

When putting on the Kong Dog harness on your dog’s neck, you may experience irritation and rubbing, but don’t worry; once you’ve gotten used to it, no one will be able to stop you from having fun because there’s nothing better than the Kong Dog harness for keeping your dog calm, happy, and safe while out for walks. Everything is silky smooth as butter!

What Harness Size Do I Require?

Size does matter when buying a Kong dog harness. As a result, the first thing to do is to measure your dog’s height and weight.

1. Take a measure of your dog’s neck:

Simply measure the circumference of their necks with a measuring tape.

2. measure your dog’s chest measurement:

From the point where the rib cage meets the hip bones down to the ground, measure the width of your dog. Make sure the tape measure is loose enough for your dog to move freely without being too tight or too loose.


Keep one finger between the measuring tape (or string) and your dog’s body to get an accurate measurement. Here are a few more details about how to put on a Kong standard harness.

After measuring your dog, add 14 inches for comfort, and then double-check the weight limit of your harness before purchasing. The majority of Kong harnesses are universally sized to fit most breeds. However, you should be aware that some products may not be ideal for your dog. Before you buy anything that won’t work for your dog, double-check everything.


So, if you’re still unsure how to put on a Kong dog harness, carefully follow these instructions, and I’m confident that nothing will go wrong in the end.

How Do I Put On My Kong Dog Harness?

Is this harness safe to use?

The Kong Dog Harness ensures a secure fit for your dog by evenly distributing weight across the chest, shoulders, and back. It also keeps dogs from choking and pulling, making it an excellent choice for any dog.

What is the best way to know if my dog enjoys wearing a Kong dog harness?

Put the harness around your dog’s neck first, then let them sniff it before allowing them to wear it around the house with their lead attached. You can take them for a walk once they’ve gotten used to wearing a leash, so they’ll be used to wearing a harness as well.

How do I clean the kong harness on my dog?

Simply wipe the harness down with a damp cloth and some mild soap to clean it. It’s machine washable, but be careful when doing so because your dog might get tangled inside. Because you’re dealing with your dog’s skin, you must be careful when washing this leash.


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