How To Stop A Puppy From Pulling On The Leash

How to get your puppy to stop pulling on the leash right now


When your puppy pulls on the lead, walks can be exasperating.

You can put an end to your puppy’s pulling right now.

Do you want to immediately stop your puppy from pulling on the lead?

It takes time and practice to teach your puppy to walk on a leash without pulling.

However, skipping this crucial lesson now could result in future problems. A few weeks ago, your adorable little puppy followed you around everywhere. Your puppy, on the other hand, is pulling on the leash, sitting and refusing to move, or worse, pulling away from you and slipping his collar.

It’s a step-by-step process to teach your dog to walk perfectly on a leash. Those steps are here, but if you’re in a hurry, there’s a quick exercise to get your puppy to stop pulling on the lead.

What exactly is it?

Take a step backwards. Walking backwards with your puppy on a leash can help stop her from pulling.

How do you stop a puppy from pulling on the lead by walking backwards?

Puppies tend to move with us in one of two ways: they either follow us or they run ahead of us. If you have a medium-sized puppy, he or she will mature into an adult dog with a faster gait than you. Combine a fast dog on a leash with a slow human walker, and voila! You’ve got the ideal recipe for pulling it off.

Walking backwards with your puppy on a leash can encourage your puppy to follow you instead of running ahead of you. Why?

To begin with, moving backwards away from your puppy invites him or her into your space.

Your puppy is fascinated by your face, arms, and hands. You encourage your puppy to pay attention to you when you walk backwards. This prevents your puppy from sniffing the ground or looking for interesting things.

Second, you’ll give your pup a treat for following you. This will increase his likelihood of following you in the future. When you’re facing your puppy, it’s much easier to reward him for following you. You’ll have a harder time giving your puppy a treat if you’re facing away from him.

Steps for walking your puppy backwards

Put your pup on a leash and collect a few tasty treats. Find a place to practice that isn’t too busy.

Smooch or call your puppy, then walk backwards while feeding him. You can feed your puppy from your hand if he doesn’t bite your hands when you try to feed him.

Keep your hand in front of your waist or at your hip. If your puppy bites your hand, drop the food on the ground in front of you.

For about three minutes, practice walking back and forth with your pup in this manner. After that, take your puppy’s leash off and ignore her. During breaks, ignore your puppy to keep her interested in training with you.

Give fewer treats once your puppy is comfortable following you as you walk backwards. Feed a treat every two or three steps instead of every step.

Stop walking forward if your puppy pulls on the leash. Wait for the puppy to return your gaze and inquire about your whereabouts. Begin by walking backwards as soon as your puppy looks at you!

When your puppy has caught up to you, take a step forward and feed him a treat.

More suggestions for preventing your puppy from pulling on the leash

Here are a few more pointers on how to teach your dog to walk on a leash:

  • Hold the leash in one hand, with your thumb closed over the leash and your hand through the loop. The leash should not be wrapped around your wrist.
  • If your puppy is large or strong, fold the leash in half in your hand (or get a shorter leash).
  • Keep the leash as close as possible to your waist. This position improves your balance and allows you to have more control.



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