How To Stop Dogs From Peeing On Furniture: How To Prevent Dogs From Urinating On Your Furniture


Have you discovered your dog peeing on the furniture? If that’s the case, don’t feel bad! This is a common issue with dogs that many pet owners face.

You may notice that your room smells like urine in this situation. What could be the source of that smell? It can be difficult to find it at times. So you go over to the couch to get comfortable, only to find a wet spot. You may also notice that the urine odor has intensified. UGH! It may take a while for you to realize that your dog has been peeing on the furniture.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re in this situation! In this article, we’ll look at how to keep your dog from urinating on furniture. Let’s get this party started!

What’s the Deal With My Dog Urinating on the Furniture?

This is a very aggravating situation to be in. It’s also difficult to understand why your dog is acting in this manner. Your furniture may be ruined if he continues. So, what makes a dog jump on furniture?

Urinating on furniture can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

Your dog’s frequent urination could be caused by a medical condition. A bladder infection, for example, may make it difficult for him to hold on for longer until he can get out. Your dog could also have diabetes, internal parasites, and other health issues.

He could be marking his territory. An alpha male dog in the home may urinate on the furniture to assert himself and mark his territory. If the dog believes his territory is threatened, he will continue to mark it.

He could be incontinent; this is a common problem in older dogs. They have a difficult time keeping their urine contained until they reach the outside. Additionally, the dog may urinate involuntarily in some cases.

He could be anxious or submissive—some dogs can be both anxious and submissive. In this situation, the dog may urinate when someone enters the room or stands over them. This could be the result of the trauma the dog has experienced. When a dog with separation anxiety is left alone, he or she may urinate on the furniture.

He could be acting out because of other dogs. If a new dog is brought into the house, the existing dog may become jealous and start acting out. They may urinate on the furniture as a result of this.

Consider what’s going on in your home if your dog has suddenly started urinating on the couch or another piece of furniture. Is there a new dog in the house? Has anything in your home changed recently? Has anything in the family changed? (For example, one of the kids starting college, someone getting married, and so on.) It’s a good idea to call the vet if you can’t find any major changes.

Your dog could have incontinence or be suffering from another medical condition that causes him to urinate on furniture. It’s therefore beneficial to have him examined by a vet. The vet may be able to make a diagnosis and offer treatment that will put an end to the behavior.

How to Stop Your Dog Peeing on Your Furniture

If the vet says your dog is fine, you’ll need to think about other options for keeping your dog off the furniture. Here are a few methods that might work!

1). Have your dog spayed or neutered.

Your dog’s peeing on the furniture problem may be solved by spaying or neutering him. This is because the dog won’t be as territorial (at least, that’s the theory!). However, keep in mind that even after surgery, some dogs may still be territorial.

Regardless, make sure your dog is neutered or spayed. This is a fantastic way to keep your dog healthy while also reducing aggressive behavior. It may also put an end to the peeing issue.

2). Thoroughly clean the area

If your dog pees on the furniture, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly. The odor becomes even stronger when they visit the same place on a regular basis. And it implies that they will most likely return to the same place each time. Yuck!

As a result, make sure to clean the area properly. This entails steam cleaning the flooring as well as the furniture. If the couch has a removable cover, wash it at the fabric’s highest and safest temperature. To get rid of the odor, you might have to clean the area and the fabric several times.

Enzymatic cleaners can also be used on carpets. However, keep in mind that even if you remove the odor, your dog may still detect it. And this may encourage him to continue his journey.

3). Use an enzyme spray on the furniture.

Some dogs are sensitive to certain smells, which can prevent them from peeing in certain areas. Vinegar, for example, is disliked by dogs. However, that isn’t a viable option. As a result, an enzymatic spray is the best option. Here’s one to consider:

This product is effective at removing cat and dog urine odors from carpets.It also removes any stains or residue left behind after cleaning.

4). Train the dog to pee in a different location.

This procedure entails taking your dog to a new urination location. It helps your dog retrain where to use the bathroom by using positive reinforcement training methods. This can be accomplished by allowing your dog to pee in a new place. This could happen in the backyard, for example. Take your dog to the same spot every day until he or she feels at ease and safe. He might start peeing here if he’s not nervous or anxious.

Be consistent with your training when you first start. Also, if you’re out with the dog, don’t make him go potty. Allow him to take his time and go home after he pees and poops. The process will be faster if you take him to the same place every time you go outside.

If your dog goes potty, give him a pat on the head! When he does the right thing, you could even give him a small reward.

If you keep doing this, your dog might stop peeing on the furniture at some point.

That’s all there is to it! Remember to take your dog to the vet for a checkup if he suddenly starts urinating on the furniture. Your dog could be suffering from a medical condition that causes him to pee on the furniture.

If your dog’s health has been cleared by the vet, try these other methods to retrain your dog. You might be able to persuade him to stop peeing on the furniture and instead go to his favorite spot outside!


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