Japanese Spitz For Sale Near Me – How much does a Japanese Spitz cost?

Japanese Spitz For Sale

We are proud to occasionally offer lovely Japanese Spitz and cocker spaniel puppies registered with the Kennel Club. If you are still looking for Japanese Spitz puppies for sale, look below for some of the breeders I have found selling this wonderful dog breed. If you want to search for purebred Japanese Spitz puppy puppies, then look into established breeders. The prices of puppies vary depending on the breeder’s location, the litter’s lineage, the breed’s popularity, etc.

While a solid-white Japanese spitz is a breed recognized by the UKC and the AKC as purebred, finding breeders for them can be extremely difficult. Some theories claim this breed originated with Samoyeds, created by dedicated Japanese breeders who wanted to produce the bonsai or the toy Samoyed. Still, no evidence supports those theories. One standard theory suggests that in the 1920s, the German Spitz was brought back to the country of origin. At this time, Japanese breeders managed to create this breed by crossing several types of German Spitz.

Japanese Spitz can look like the Eskimo dog from America, white Pomeranians, or tiny Samoyeds. Still, Japanese Spitz has their own origins, coming from, you might guess, Japan. The former is the type of dog who would have been neutered, unable to reproduce, with a single, restricted-breeding, Japanese-spitz-owned pup. Manneke Kennels does indeed have a few Japanese Spitz puppies available for sale coming up.

Ask. Let the Queensland-based breeder get to know you better, and make sure you are a good match for one of their Japanese Spitz puppies for sale. A waiting list helps you to obtain a puppy from one of the breeder’s upcoming litters.

Avoid a breeder because they are not breeding dogs in healthy or safe conditions. If you are buying a pup, a trustworthy breeder will give you a veterinarian’s certificate stating the animals are dewormed and fully fit.

If you cannot find your dream puppy here, please view Wuuffs Breeder List to connect with any Japanese Spitz breeder we are honoured to work with. Our vision is simple; We are committed to promoting this wonderful breed to the United States by producing quality dogs, using trouble-free bloodlines as best as we know how, breeding according to standards, and importing new lines so we can continue our quest for producing healthy, happy, beautiful dogs. Other means you believe that your puppy is of a colour currently unknown in the breed and does not appear in the Breed Standard or Non-Breed Standard lists.

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