Potty Training A Lab Puppy: A Quick Guide

Potty Training a Lab Puppy


A lab puppy captures your heart. Now you’re taking that fun-filled furry ball home. Toys, a collar, a leash, feeding bowls, and a crate are all ready and waiting.

You have the essential puppy supplies ready, but what about housebreaking?

We’ve created this manual to take the mystery surrounding potty training a Lab puppy, whether you’re a first-time pet parent or an experienced Lab owner. Here, you get the fundamentals.

Start your training the moment you get home.

You’ll contribute to this new friendship’s success if you start puppy potty training the moment you meet. There are many opportunities for you to express praise during training. Additionally, it teaches your puppy to trust you.

Take the puppy to the area in your yard you’ve designated as the potty place on the first day before you bring him inside for the first time. Stay there with the puppy for a while. Praise him if he leaves.

You won’t leave the puppy alone in the yard until he is fully housebroken. Every time you take him outside, you’ll take him to the bathroom.

Describe the crate.

Before you bring the puppy home, set up a room. For the first few days, you will keep the puppy and his crate in this restricted area.

Fill the crate with the puppy’s bedding and chew toys. Newspapers should be spread around the crate’s area. Allow the puppy to explore the crate and the room with the crate door left open.

Housetraining is the main purpose of the crate. Since dogs don’t like to soil their dens, the puppy will refrain from using the crate as a bathroom.

Don’t leave wet or soiled newspapers nearby when the puppy has an accident. In addition, take the bedding out of the crate if he urinates on it.

The Puppy Calendar

Young puppies lack bladder control. That implies that they must urinate right away following meals, drinks, sleep, or physical activity. Remember that puppies do not sleep through the night; you must let the puppy out at least once every three hours.

The feeding schedule aids in determining when to take the puppy outside to relieve himself. Make sure to adhere to the schedule exactly. Every two hours or after 15 to 20 minutes of playtime during the period between meals, take the puppy outside.

When potty training a Lab puppy, consistency is essential.

How about mishaps?

If your puppy has an accident, never correct him. It is ineffective to make fun of him or poke fun at the area where the accident happened.

Your puppy does not comprehend why you are reprimanding him. Punishment can damage your relationship with the puppy. Additionally, harsh punishment may promote submissive urination.

Every time your puppy goes potty outside, praise him instead of reprimanding him.

Getting a Lab puppy ready for potty training?

A Labrador puppy is an obvious people-pleaser if you’ve chosen one. Training is fairly simple because the labs are eager to learn as well.

Potty training a Lab puppy should be a positive experience for both you and your dog as long as you follow a consistent schedule, take them outside frequently, and reward them when they relieve themselves outside.

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